Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Magic Pen: On the loose

This is a follow up of: Magic Pen: next level bully .
My next series "Little Morgan" (which is the follow up of "Grandma's attic" and will be about the teenage life of Morgan, a powerful witch, and her training by her uncle, Merlin)  will come very very soon. In the meantime you'll get some shorter caps, under which are some of the requests probably and at least 1 interactive.
I hope you guys don't mind, but I've got a great idea for the entire Morgane Lefay concept that will allow me to link the origin of the Magic Pen, the scrolls and a future artefact to each other. 

I just like to make such links so everything ends up as one big story, I hope you guys don't mind :)

Louis was on a holiday with his family again. Every year they would drive all the way to the beach only so they could bore the crap out of each other when they arrived. He was sitting on the beach when all of that changed. Louis liked to write when he was bored. Short stories, poems... all crap really, but he had to do something to pass the time. This was one of those days at the beach. He looked around searching for inspiring situations to write about.
Children running around with their balls, hot girls in bikinis... Then a peculiar situation grabbed his attention. He saw a big breasted MILF and a mean looking boy his age, her son he presumed, shouting at each other. The boy took out a small notebook and wrote something down.
In a matter of seconds the expression of the beautiful, full breasted MILF changed from fierce to submissive, even slutty. She sat down on her knees, took out the boys penis and started sucking it, a shocked crowd started to form around them.
Then the boy turned her around, ripped of her skimpy bikini and started fucking her in the ass.
Some strong guys quickly came out of the shocked crowd and started beating up the boy. A little later some lifeguards brought in the police and all was done.
A few hours later Louis noticed a pen in the sand, right in front of his feet. It had to be  the boys pen, from earlier. He picked it up and a sudden urge to write came over him.
A few meters away he noticed 3 stunningly beautiful girls his age playing by the water.

All three of them where hot in their own right. The first girl was a hot looking, curly redhead with a sexy black bikini. 

The second one was a dark haired beauty with perfect round breasts and a skimpy red bikini. 

The third girl had dark blonde hair and the most perfect hourglass figure combined with large breasts and the perfect ass. 

Louis started writing what was on his mind. "I wish I would change in such a way that those girls will crave having sex with me later today." 
As soon as the pen was lifted from the paper of his little notebook, Louis blacked out. 

He opened his eyes to a bright sun dissapearing in the sea. How long was he gone? He looked around and didn't see his parents, in fact, he didn't see anyone except for 2 of the 3 hot girls from earlier today. He looked down in shock. He had transformed into a woman! Into the third girl, the allround beauty with the dark blonde hair. 

He couldn't believe it, how was this possible... The pen! The pen must have been magical! That explains the weird situation with the boy and the MILF earlier. He had to find it.
"Hey Tamara! Where are you going? You're not done yet! It's just cruel to leave me here like this, craving for your skilled tongue." Louis, or Tamara now, turned around. There he saw the sexy redhead fully naked, presenting her wet and juicy slit to him. 

She looked at him with a dominant look. "Come on, what are you waiting for! I'm hot from all those boys looking at us today as if they could get into our pants." He came closer and as if he had done it many times before, he started giving his "friend" the best oral sex she had ever had. He was enjoying it, tasting the juices of this hot lesbian, this was a dream come true. When he thought it couldn't get any better, he heard a second voice. The brunette. "You girls are starting without me? Come on, that's just unfair." 

She pulled of her beautiful red bikini top and started fingering him while he was licking the redhead's pussy. Sudden urges of pleasure came over Louis, he had never felt anything like that before. It became hard to focus on the redhead, but her dominant hands made sure he would keep on satisfying her. He tried to remember something, something important. Something he had to find.
He screamed in pleasure as he reached his first ever female orgasm.
What the hell could be more important than enjoying his new life as a lesbian having a lesbian threesome? 
The pen remained in the sand, waiting for its next master/victim. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Next interactive: theme?

Hi everyone!
I really want to make a new interactive one of these days, but I'd like your opinion first.
Does anyone have a particular theme that he/she would really like to see in an interactive?

If I don't hear anything I'll just stick to my ideas, but this would be a good opportunity to do an interactive request! :)
Just let me know in the comments


Friday, June 1, 2018

Welcome to Westworld

"You sure this is a good idea George (left)? I mean, last time we went on vacation to Westworld things got a little out of hand..." Martin (right) was worried. He would never admit it to his brother-in-law, but last time they were in Westworld he actually cheated on his wife, numerous times. The hosts are not real ofcourse, they're programmed to be killed, fucked, bossed around... But still, he wasn't proud of it.

"Don't you worry, I've made some arrangments, you'll have a blast, I promise.", said George with a deceitful grin on his face. "We'll be the first guests to try out the host possession-program. Instead of entering Westworld as an invincible guest, our consciousnesses will be transfered into a host. This way you can live the experience to the fullest, because you can actually die. If you die, you'll just regenerate the next day, exactly like the regular hosts."

Martin entered the host possession-room and lay down on the bed in the middle of the room. A red light flickered above his head, as soon as it turned green, he blacked out.

As he regained his consciousness he felt a body shivering pleasure coming from his groin. Wet and warm, as if someone was... "Aaaaaah!", Martin screamed in his new high pitched female voice. He looked down and saw a scruffy looking cowboy licking his new vagina. He also saw 2 melons of breasts and a western barmaids dress. (Although he was more naked than dressed.) He was so angry and confused, but the pleasure... He didn't really want it to stop.

Using all of his willpower he asked: "Who the hell are you? What are you doing? Why am I a woman??"
The man started laughing maniacally. "I thought this would wake you up." The scruffy looking cowboy took Martin by his hair. Martin tried to resist, but it was as if he couldn't do his attacker any damage. "Don't even try, it's all programmed, you can't hurt me. Did you really think I didn't know about you cheating on my darling sister?"
Martin was even more shocked now, "George?? Please stop, I can explain! Ah...!" George hitted him hard in the face. "Shut up. Before I explain, let me demonstrate something. I want you to shut up and suck my cock like a real Wild Western whore." 

Against Martin's own will, he couldn't resist the sudden urge to exactly do what he was told. He sat down on his knees, took out his brother-in-law's cock and sucked it off as if he had done it a thousand times before. George groaned in pleasure.

"I had you programmed like this as payback for my sister, but even more to teach you something. I don't care that you cheat on my sister, I care that you did it in such a way that people might have found out which could have ruined my sisters honour." Martin kept on sucking while he listened to these shocking revelations. "Using this host possession-program, you can cheat all you want, nobody knows which host you swapped with, so it doesn't even matter. You can even go fuck the regular unswapped guests, which makes it even more interesting. More so, if you don't tell them you're a host." George's groans started becoming more intense. "Mmm... Enough talking. I'm going to cum and I want to do that while fucking you hard. I never liked you, Martin. But damn, you're a good cocksucker, or at least the program is... On your knees bitch!"

Martin was shocked at first, but as soon as George's cock plunged into his vagina, all of that vanished. It felt so shockingly amazing. George was right, he would come to Westworld, using the host possession-program to cheat on his wife. With one catch, he wouldn't be a man when doing so. 
"Fuck me George, fuck me hard."
George would never know, but these words were not programmed anymore. And his punishments had an entirely different outcome than he had expected. 

Long time no see guys! I hope you've enjoyed this one. I did! Let me know in the comments :)
I'm still taking requests. Sorry for my absence, life just gets so busy sometimes and that's not very productive for my inspiration. So requests are always easier for me when I'm busy! 
But no matter what, you'll be hearing of me again soon :) 


Thursday, December 21, 2017

The sword in the stone

Arthur was panicking, what would he do now? Naked in the woods, with nothing except for the mighty sword Excalibur. You all know the tale, he pulled the sword from the stone, the sword that would make the wielder king. Well, that's what they thought.
Apparently the prophecy had been misunderstood.
The real prophecy was not: "He who pulls this sword out of the stone, shall be king of England."
But: "he who pulls this sword out of the stone, shall be ruler of England."

The person that wrote the prophecy down had just not considered the possibility of a female ruler.

There she was the new Queen of England. After he transformed in front of everyone he got disrobed and dishonored by her angry people. Alone in the woods. She started crying, "Oh, I should never have touched that sword."
Until she heard a voice: "Why are you crying boy?"
"Boy? How do you know I am a boy?", said Arthur, all confusion.
"I know many things. Don't spill your tears. Rather cover yourself with my cape and come with me, I might be able to help you out."
Arthur smiled and accepted the man's gift. 
"What is your name", he asked. 
The old man smiled. "My name is Merlin."
To be continued?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Grandma's attic (finale)

He woke up on the attic again, he was worried, what had he done... It felt great, but was this the trail he had wanted to leave behind? His mom could be pregnant, his sister's heart got broken, ... 
He got startled by a large beam of blue light coming from the chest that had given him these amazing, but apparently also experiences. He heard a voice, his grandma's voice! : "Shane, I'll be honest. As you might have figured out already, I'm a witch, and a very powerful one. I have lived many lives before this one, and in most of those lives a was called Merlin. If you've heard stories about me, you might know that I hate people wasting their lives, and that's exactly what you were doing. This is why I chose to do this. I, your grandma, isn't coming back. I'm taking your body, becoming a man again. Ofcourse I'm not heartless, you are still my grandson! That's why I decided to let you choose a new body. The passed day you have experienced what life in each of these bodies would be like, three generations of women from our family. You can either choose for one of those bodies to spend the rest of your days in or you can give me another suggestion for a female body. The choice is yours."

As you can see, the choice is yours. Merlin will live on in Shane's body and Shane will lead a different life.
There's 4 choices, 4 possible endings. 3 of them are final and will end the story, the 4th one will introduce you to a new series, a new story. Good luck! 
Tell me which one was your favorite in the comments!


"I choose to be my mother"

"I choose to be my grandmother"

"I choose to be my great-grandmother"

"No, I will take responsibility for my actions!"

Friday, December 15, 2017

Lazy wishing ring or "What the hell dad??"

I couldn't choose between titles so now it has two :p
The finale of Grandma's attic will be uploaded tomorrow :D
In the meantime a short one to keep you guys happy ;)
I look forward to the upload tomorrow and I hope you do to!

"Dad what are you doing, stop this, this is so wrong!" 
Martin kept on trying to get through to his father, but it wouldn't work.
A few hours before he had found a magic wishing ring on the side of the road. When he found out about it's power, the first thing he did was wishing for a larger cock. Naturally, what would you expect...
The second thing he wished was that it would be irresistable for women.
The third thing he wished was that the hottest possible girl in the world would appear in his room. And that's where it went wrong.
The ring always searches for the easiest way to grant wishes. So when Martin's father came in at the exact moment of the wish, half of the wish was actually granted already and the ring only had to take care of the "hottest possible girl"-part.
"I'm not your daddy anymore, all I want is to fuck you stud."

Monday, December 11, 2017

Magic Pen: next level bully

Let me know if you enjoy this idea, I certainly do!
"Change me back, Paul! I've done all you've asked. I've cleaned your fucking room, I've acted as my mom, for fuck's sake I've even kissed you! This has been going on long enough... Please."
Paul laughed, seeing Nick pleading for mercy in his teacher's body, just made him more aroused about the situation. A few days before Paul had found a magic pen. Anything he'd write down would become reality, he was practically a god now!
At first his plan had been to embarras Nick by changing him into his mother's body, who was his biology teacher, and making him do stupid tasks.
He had planned to change him back after a few days, but he noticed he was getting harder and harder just from the sight of that hot milf... Let alone the idea that he could do with "her" whatever he wanted. He wrote down: Nick's clothes will dissapear.

Nick shivered,"Paul? Please... I've got a life of my own, you know. This is so fucked up."
Paul got angry, "Fucked up, fucked up? I'll show you the definition of fucked up, bitch! I'm not ready with you! You know what? I think I'm going to write you out of everyone's memories, except for mine. That way no-one will miss you and I can keep you all for myself!"
Nick tried to run towards Paul, but his mom's body wasn't fast enough.
Paul quickly wrote: Nick will not be able to move until after I've finished writing my next command.
Nick froze instantly.
Paul smiled, he was at the point of no return.
No-one except for me and him will remember Nick as he used to be. His new name is Danielle (Nick's mother's name) and she will be my girlfriend. Everyone will think this is normal and nobody will think it strange when I fuck her in public. Danielle remembers who she used to be, but is obsessed with fucking me. She will call me master.
When Paul looked up from his notebook he saw Nick/Danielle still in front of him, but now smiling. "Well master, where do you want me?"
Paul smiled, let's start here and then for round to, I'll take you to my biology class.